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Pro400 Ozone System  

Absolute Water Solutions, LC offers a complete line of ozone systems from ClearWater Tech ozone systems. Call today for a comprehensive analysis of what system is best for your specific needs.

PRO 400 - Corona Discharge Ozone Circulation System

The PRO400 Ozone Circulation System is designed as a compact solution for small ozone applications.

The PRO400 incorporates a magnetic drive circulation pump, a venturi injector to provide mass transfer of ozone into the water, a 24hour programmable timer, and a corona discharge ozone generator. This self-contained system can be used with a wide range of small water treatment applications.

Benefits of Ozone

  • Reacts with contaminants up to 3,000 times faster than chlorine
  • Generated on site - no transportation or storage required
  • More powerful than chlorine leaving no taste or odor
  • Standard contact time for chlorine is 20 minutes - ozone is just 4 minutes
  • Creates no trihalomethanes
  • Ozone's only by-product is oxygen
  • Greatly simplifies water chemistry, control and convenience
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) as listed by the USFDA as a disinfectant for bottled waters

Why use ozone?

  • Safety - Ozone is produced on site. There are no chemicals to transport, store, or handle.
  • Disinfection - Bacteria - Ozone kills microorganisms with a process known as "cellular lysis." In the oxidation process, ozone ruptures the cellular membrane of microorganisms and disperses the bacterial cytoplasm into solution, thus making reactivation impossible. This process takes place in about 2 seconds.
  • Taste and Odor Control - Ozone is the disinfectant of choice for most water bottling plant operations. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no undesirable taste or odor. Ozone oxidizes the organics responsible for 90% of taste and odor related problems."