Reverse Osmosis System

Reversed Osmosis  



50 gpd NSF® Certified Manifold Reverse Osmosis System

NSF® certified 5-stage manifold RO treatment with metal or RO-PRO® plastic storage tank, 3/8 in. tube to low lead chrome faucet. Single piece construction eliminates many connection points increasing flow and reducing potential leak points. Easy installation, with John Guest® quick connect fittings.


"A reverse osmosis system uses a combination of filtration technologies to reduce unwanted contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, solvents, lead, nitrates, and other chemicals from your water supply. The following components combine to make the system:

PREFILTER: When water first enters the RO System, it flows through a sediment prefilter that protects the automatic shut-off valve and RO Membrane from clogging with large particles such as silt, rust, or scale. A carbon filter may also be included as part of the prefiltration to reduce oxides such as chlorine. Prefiltration extends the life of the RO Membrane and allows it to tackle the smaller contaminants.

R.O. MEMBRANE: The RO Membrane is the heart of the filtration system. It is designed to reduce the dissolved mineral content of the water. Here, most particles too small to be trapped by the prefilter are separated from the incoming water to produce the product water. The excess minerals and particles are rinsed to the drain.

AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF VALVE: Product water is routed to the holding or storage tank. The valve senses when the tank is full and closes the feed water supply to prevent excess water from going to the drain when the unit is not producing water.

POST FILTER: Product water is drawn from the storage tank through the post filter. This final step reduces any remaining tastes or odor."