Air Waves - Whole House Air Purification System

Air Waves Interface  

AirWaves™ is a unique whole-home air purifying system that eliminates household odors and airborne microbes utilizing two of nature's strongest purifiers - ozone and ultraviolet light.

It is the combination of UV and ozone that makes AirWaves™ so effective. Although UV light is a powerful sterilizer on its own, it cannot be projected around corners and only decontaminates air as it passes through the light. Ozone flows freely throughout the ductwork to freshen air, destroy odor, and neutralize microorganisms wherever they are. It' this powerful combination that makes all the difference in providing complete protection throughout the home.

Unlike room air fresheners that only treat the air in one room at a time, AirWaves™ works with your existing HVAC system to treat all the rooms in your home simultaneously. The system is installed in the supply air duct and tied into the heating control system. Whenever the heating  or air conditioning fan is on, so is AirWaves™ . AirWaves™ is similar to the Airmaster O3 and Airmaster Ultra.

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