We purchased a great 10-year old home in a fairly remote part of Northwest Austin, but we inherited problems with water quality and water pressure. Bret Headrick of Absolute Water Solutions fixed us right up and has kept us extremely satisfied ever since. He has not only the necessary experience and technical knowledge, but also the entrepreneurial drive to provide excellent service as a matter of personal pride in his work and his outcomes. With Bret, you can just tell that your needs, and not his profit margins, will form the basis of his judgments and recommendations. Go with him; you won't be sorry.

Mark G. Murov

My name is Jasper and I live in Bastrop County. I've had problems with my drinking water where I live for as long as I can remember. To be blunt, it tasted like a swimming pool, and not only was the taste bad, but it also made me ill after drinking it. I work for a marine company out of Houston and I am gone for 20 days at a time. In about 1-2 days after coming home, my water would give me stomach problems and this would last until I returned to work where we used bottle water. After consulting with some family, they recommended a water specialist in Austin (Absolute Water Solutions). Well, they came down and sampled my water and recommended a reverse osmosis treatment system. After putting the system in, I don't need to buy bottled water anymore and the taste of the water is amazing. The color is clear and even my ice went from a white color to magnifying glass clear. About 2 years after having this system in my house, I contacted my bosses and had the same system installed on my boat which is a 1000 hp towing vessel with a crew of 6. We are home ported in Houston, so we looked for a contractor in the Houston area. We found several, but they all bid way over my recommended price range so I then gave my company a contact number to Absolute Water Solutions in Austin. Even with travel the bid was lower than the local contractors, and now we have quality water not only on my boat, but 4 other boats also decided to have RO systems installed. I also had an RO system installed in my RV since I was always stacking bottled water cases in the camper and taking up precious space. With the RO system under my sink, that problem is solved and I have good, quality water wherever I go. If you live in or around the Austin area and have a water problem, I would recommend that you contact Bret Headrick, owner of Absolute Water Solutions, for a quick and friendly fix to your water problems.

Loyal customer, Captain Jasper Stephens

I lived in my house with hard water for over 10 years. I never really thought about the quality of my water - it was just what the city gave me. But then the salesperson from Absolute Water Solutions explained the whole water treatment process to me in terms that I could understand, and I decided to get a water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system. The installation was done in a professional manner and at my convenience. Now that I have my new water system, my skin feels softer, my dishes look sparkling clean, and the white build-up is gone from my sinks. I also love the clear ice and taste of my water from the reverse osmosis system, and I enjoy the convenience of it all. I cannot believe that I lived with hard water so long and that I did not do this years ago!

-- Gloria Rabel